Technical Surveillance Countermeasures TSCM

"The systematic physical and electronic examination of a designated area by properly trained, qualified and equipped persons in an attempt to discover electronic eavesdropping devices, security hazards or security weaknesses."

The GBI Team

Countermeasures Team

The GBI team is trained by R.E.I., to the same specifications and employs the same techniques used by government. We use state of the art equipment, the OSCOR by REI, a spectrum analyzer, as well as much much more.

Our backgrounds have been vetted by the Federal Government and the State of Minnesota Private Detective and Protective Agent Services Board.

We've completed hundreds of sweeps, briefed thousands of personnel and can come to your place of business, perform a vulnerability analysis, and professionally brief your employees, educating your staff about what to look for and how to respond.

TSCM Process

TSCM Team Methodology

The GBI team has been providing Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) services for over 15 years and have, over time and tested experience developed a complete and thorough method for sweeping a space both physically and electronically.

Scanning for RF signals is only one part of an effective TSCM sweep, a physical inspection of ceiling spaces, walls, outlets, IT & TELCO equipment as well as any conditions that may be present due to architectural or production floor features.

We will visit your site to establish the physical construction of your space, the scope of your needs and provide a proposal based upon what we learn.

State of the Art Equipment

Military Grade Equipment

TSCM is also known by the reference of "Bug Sweeps," and the more modern name of Electronic Eavesdropping Detection or EED.

We are Certified Specialists in the detection and locating of eavesdropping devices. Our Team is trained to the same specifications and utilizes the same equipment and techniques used by federal government.

We use the state of the art OSCOR, an R.F. Spectrum Analyzer, as well as F.L.I.R., telephone and networks analyzers ($100,000).

Counter Surveillance Security Programs

Safe Room Service
We provide a Safe Room Service, where we come in just prior to your meeting, set up our equipment, both Spectrum Analyzers and Acoustic Noise Generators, conduct a preliminary bug sweep and stay to ensure no information is leaked or broadcasted.

Quarterly TSCM Sweeps
Continuing security and maintenance of your security position requires re-sweeping a location on unannounced regular intervals. Our process marks previously cleared outlets and electrical equipment which dramatically reduces the cost of follow up visits.