Glen Bass Investigations

A full service, licensed Minnesota Private Investigator.

The Glen Bass Investigations Team

GBI investigators:

Are licensed, insured and very familiar with the laws applicable to surveillance techniques.

Frequently work with police which assists in completing a safe surveillance operation.

Regularly train in the most advanced surveillance equipment and are professionals with decades of experience.

Detective Glen Bass

Glen Bass

Lead Investigator

Glen is a veteran private investigator and security specialist. In 2002 Glen moved to Las Vegas where he has specialized in Surveillance, Counter-Surveillance, Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (TSCM) and is certified as a Counter Terrorism Instructor, Counter Skyjacking Instructor, Pistol Fundamentals Instructor and in tactical medical response.

Detective Anthony Jones

Anthony Jones

Security and Counter-Surveillance Operations

Anthony Jones is a businessman, author and retired Major in the United States Air Force. His dedication to duty and military experience has seen him travel the globe, where he was twice wounded in action, receiving two Purple Hearts.

Stop Cruelty to Animals Learn more...

Glen Bass Investigations reports animal cruelty The GBI team proudly maintains our commitment to the protection of animals and wildlife. All investigators at Glen Bass Investigations are trained to document and report animal cruelty to law enforcement.Learn More