Advanced Technology Investigations Team

Glen Bass Investigations (GBI) uses advanced technology sensors and data analytics to streamline investigations.

Advanced Technology Investigations

Glen Bass Investigations (GBI) uses specialized advanced technology solutions to get precision results.

Do you think your home or office is bugged?
GBI's Eavesdropping Detection Sweep can be done in 6-8 hours. We are Certified Specialists in the detection and location of eavesdropping devices.

Is environmental contamination affecting you?
GBI has developed specialized anaytical equipment and an aggregated regulatory database system that allows GBI investigators to identify contamination in real time.

Are your livestock suffering from Stray Voltage?
GBI uses a specialized 20 point microshock analyzer coupled with propriatary analytical software to quickly determine the presence and source of stray voltage.

Bug Sweeps TSCM Services

Bug Sweeps and TSCM Investigations

Technical surveillance is using technology to eavesdrop with the goal of obtaining information not allowed to you. It's a simple matter for an antagonistic employee or enemy, to buy an effective transmitter or 'bugging' device.

Personal and Corporate espionage is a rapidly growing phenomenon in our highly competitive and complex global economy.

In Minnesota as in most states, you need to be a licensed Private Investigator to conduct these counter eavesdropping investigation or bug sweep.

We are licensed and operate the latest Research Electronics International (R.E.I.) counter-eavesdropping equipment and can ensure complete confidentiality.

Environmental Contamination Investigations

Mobile Environmental Analysis

Glen Bass Investigations (GBI) has developed specialized anaytical equipment and an aggregated regulatory database system that allows GBI investigators to identify contamination in real time.

We use aggregated data to identify potential sources for a contaminant by discovering those industrial, municipal and commercial sites that are regulated for the contaminant in question.

Based on our regulatory research, we then deploy teams to use compact spectrometry to obtain real-time analysis and collect samples for laboratory testing.

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Agricultural Stray Voltage

Agricultural Stray Voltage

In Agriculture, Stray Voltage (Microshock) presents a significant risk to livestock on several levels

Farms and Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations(CAFO) are particularly vulnerable because the stray voltage level can become so high that people and animals can actually feel the electrical shock.

Fortunately, stray voltage is also easy to measure and inexpensive to correct once you have identified the cause.

GBI uses specially designed sensor arrays to identify, quantify and locate the sources of Stray Voltage or Microshock

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Expertly Trained Investigators

GBI investigators are continually trained and in many cases are instructors in the use of cutting edge diagnostic technologies.

Our team consists of experts in fraud & infidelty investigations, military & corporate espionage, chemical engineering & lab analytics, executive protection & transportation, and data & network security

GBI investigators are certified in the specialized skillset in which they are experts and are experienced in providing expert witness testimony.