Environmental Contamination Investigations

Glen Bass Investigations specializes in environmental investigation.

GBI's "Environmental Investigation Platform" empowers our team to quickly track down sources for contamination that is affecting your health and safety.

Specialized Environmental Investigation Platform

Glen Bass Investigations (GBI) has developed specialized, proprietary software and mobile analytical equipment that rapidly and precisely detects contaminants in water.

GBI investigators use aggregated data to identify potential sources for a contaminant by discovering those industrial, municipal and commercial sites that are regulated for the contaminant in question. Based on our regulatory research, we then deploy teams to use compact spectrometry to obtain real-time analysis and collect samples for State Certified testing.

Water Pollution

Environmental Investigations

Contamination source location is critical to mitigating continued environmental pollution.

Our proprietary environmental investigation platform allows our team to quickly identify potential sources for specific contaminants detected in our ponds, lakes, rivers and streams.

GBI environmental investigators use state of the art technology and certified labs to quickly and accurately detect the presence of contamination.

Drinking Water Quality

Drinking Water Investigations

The quality of our drinking water has become a greater concern with every year that passes. Industry and agriculture is causing pollution that is making its way into our groundwater and municipal systems.

GBI is committed to ensuring that those who need their municipal or well water analyzed can find the answers they need.

Contact GBI today to initiate an investigation into the quality of your water.

NPDES Investigations

NPDES Compliance Investigations

Do you suspect that an organization is responsible for contaminating the environment?

The "Clean Water Act" (CWA) empowers the public to conduct investigations into the release of contaminants into the environment.

Using our specialized investigative platform, GBI investigators can quickly profile any regulated industrial site in the United States by aggregating past site registrations, compliance activity and industrial codification.

Mobile Compact Spectrometer

Our compact spectrometer technology allows our team to obtain credible real-time data in all weather conditions.

GBI's spectrometer can be used in the field or installed in-situ for long term environmental analysis.

The system seamlessly integrates with GBI's proprietary "Environmental Investigative Platform" for real time remote monitoring.