Surveillance, Insurance Fraud and SIU

The GBI team has over 30 years experience in claim investigations and a proven reputation in the industry. GBI investigators are highly educated, experienced and are seasoned in legal process, litigation support, advanced technology tools, database mastery and case management.

Surveillance and Counter Surveillance

Surveillance Operations

Surveillance is a specialty at Glen Bass Investigations (GBI). If you have a case that requires surveillance, GBI should be your first choice.

Several members of the team including Glen Bass and Tony Jones train military, law enforcement and select civilian professions from around the world in surveillance, active counter-surveillance and Technical Surveillance Countermeasures TSCM.

Due to our teams' continual training we are trained and able to employ and defend against the highest technology surveillance equipment and techniques

GBI is a licensed Minnesota investigative agency.

Insurance Fraud Investigations

Insurance Fraud Investigations

Hiring a private investigator to Insurance Fraud investigations is the proven option for many reasons.

Observation by surveillance requires watching the subject's movements, activity and interactions and is a valuable tool in exposing fraud. The best way to catch someone in the act of conducting insurance fraud is to use surveillance.

We conduct surveillance for civil cases in Minnesota and Nevada and are licensed, insured and very familiar with the laws applicable to surveillance techniques.

We frequently work with police which assists in completing a safe surveillance operation.

Special Investigations Unit

Special Investigations Unit (SIU)

GBI's SIU department offers proven solutions to fight insurance fraud for Workers' Compensation, Disability, Liability, and Property claims.

Our SIU services include surveillance, medical records canvasses, statements, activity checks, alive and well checks, scene photography and much more.

GBI's licensed private investigators are extremely skilled at assessing fraudulent claims, insurance crime, insurance adjuster claims fraud, bodily injury insurance claims and much more.

GBI is the best option for investigative services.

Infidelity Investigations

Do you suspect that your spouse or partner is cheating on you?

The team at GBI have worked several infidelity investigations and can help you figure out what is going on.

If you are at a point where you need to talk about your situation with an investigator, send us an email or give us a call and we can look at your options.


Inverse Surveillance

Are you being followed or observed by third parties?

GBI offers counter surveillance services that will identify a person or group that has you and your operations under observation.

The GBI investigators are experts in field surveillance techniques and possess years of experience training law enforcement units from around the world.

Our methods have been refined and proven through years of development, we bring that experience to bear in determining the presence of third party surveillance teams.

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