Agricultural Stray Voltage Investigations

Stray Voltage is a well documented and costly problem that can destroy dairy farmers and other livestock operators.

Our mobile analytical teams use specialized training and analytical equipment to quickly determine the presence of Stray Voltage.

If you suspect Stray Voltage is affecting your farm, contact Glen Bass Investigations first, the power company is not going to act in your interest

What is Stray Voltage

What is Agricultural Stray Voltage?

Stray voltage or "microshock" appears anytime that electrical current flows through a structures grounded pipes and other metal components.

Agricultural Stray Voltage can be caused by either the electrical utility or the on farm wiring or both.

The current passes to livestock through feeding systems or other metal surfaces found in and around farm structures.

Stray Voltage Danger

The Dangers from Stray Voltage

The affects of stray voltage on livestock is dramatic losses in milkfat production, bovine mastitis and refusal to eat or drink from feeding systems.

This results in less healthy animals and financial losses from veteranary care and reduced milkfat production.

Fortunately, stray voltage is easy to measure and inexpensive to correct once you have identified the cause.

Discover the Source

Discover and Document the Source

GBI has the expertise and analytical tools to pinpoint the cause of stray voltage on those farms having a problem.

The GBI team applies its onsite process to systematically test a farm for stray voltage

GBI uses a specialized 20 point microshock analyzer coupled with propriatary analytical software that quickly detects current across a broad area in real time.

Electrical Engineering Resources

Stray Voltage is a technically complex problem that requires good engineering to eliminate and prevent recurrence.

GBI's network of technical professionals includes Professional Engineers that can design solutions for your unique electrical power issues.

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