Is your office is bugged?

Develop a process for staff to follow if they suspect corporate espionage is happening

If you suspect your office is bugged

Report your concerns to the appropriate team member

  • Step #1: Notify corporate security in person, not by telephone or email
  • Step #2: Only discuss your concerns with those who have a need to know
  • Step #3: Avoid discussing the issue in a potentially bugged area
  • Step #4: Discontinue important discussions in suspected areas until they are cleared

Restrain yourself from attempting to find a device yourself, detecting bugs is difficult even for the professionals who specialize in TSCM

GBI TSCM Sweep Services

Train Security Processes

Establish a security procedure for the concern that your office may be bugged.

Include in your basic employee training a specific process for reporting a suspicion of corporate espionage. This procedure is as important as any high security reporting process, chain of custody is paramount to maintaining secrecy.

Techniques to implement these processes into an organization vary depending upon its size and structure but this process will be similar to a "whistle blower" or "employee theft" reporting procedure.

Corporate Espionage Series (CES)

CES provides easy steps to better protect your organizations privacy

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Is your office bugged

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What is a Corporate Bug Sweep

Technology is constantly evolving. The technical aspects of Eavesdropping, (audio, video, cell phones, computer spy ware and GPS devices), has grown and these devices and methodologies are becoming easier, cheaper and better.

Only you know if you have reason to believe whether someone is listening or watching, and if you think they are, then they probably are. Technical Surveillance Countermeasures or TSCM, is also known by the reference of a Bug Sweep, TSCM Bug Sweep, and the more modern name of Electronic Eavesdropping Detection or EED. We are Certified Specialists in the detection and location of eavesdropping devices.

In Minnesota as in most states, you need to be a licensed Private Investigator to conduct a corporate bug sweep. We are licensed to do so, which allows us to do compete consulting work while protecting your interests. We operate the latest REI counter-eavesdropping equipment and can ensure complete confidentiality.

Glen Bass Investigations provides Corporate TSCM Bug Sweep Services

GBI offers a wide range of counter espionage and TSCM services

A Technical Surveillance Countermeasures or TSCM Sweep is a service provided by highly qualified personnel to detect the presence of surveillance devices and to identify technical security vulnerabilities of the site in question.

GBI uses proven techniques & decades experience in Counter-Surveillance & Technical Security Counter Measures (Bug Sweeps) to secure our clients locations

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