Technical Surveillance Countermeasures "TSCM"

Darius using a Spy Finder to locate hidden cameras using IR illumination.

Technical Surveillance

Technical surveillance is using technology to eavesdrop with the goal of obtaining information not allowed to you. The manufacture, sale, installation, and monitoring of audio and video surveillance devices is a multi billion industry within the United States.

In Minnesota as in most states, you need to be a licensed Private Investigator to conduct theses counter eavesdropping sweeps. We are licensed to do so, which allows us to do compete consulting work while protecting your interests. We operate the latest Research Electronics International (R.E.I.) counter-eavesdropping equipment and can ensure complete confidentiality.

Glen Bass Investigations (GBI) specializes in locating and neutralizing surreptitious devices and nefarious personnel. It's a simple matter for an antagonistic employee or enemy, to buy an effective transmitter or 'bugging' device. Cheap, yet effective, audio and video devices are easily planted in boardrooms, computers, executive offices, vehicles and homes.

Personal and Corporate espionage is a rapidly growing phenomenon in our highly competitive and complex global economy. Are you sure that your company's classified information is being protected?

Have you ever discussed vital contract information or the latest product development, only to find out later that this confidential information was suddenly public knowledge?

GBI can help you minimize your losses and improve your companies bottom line by reviewing it's internal security and ensuring your employees understand Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, (T.S.C.M.).

WiFi Camera Detector - Used to find hidden cameras transmitting over wireless networks.

WiFi Cameras are small and easy to conceal. Our military grade equipment scans for listening devices and cameras.

Counter Eavesdropping

Businesses are commonly targeted for illegal electronic surveillances by competing corporations and foreign governments, and high profile personalities and celebrities too, due to their tabloid and extortion value. How important is your information?

One of the most valuable commodities an organization has is it's proprietary information. Yet, many companies and organizations do very little to protect this investment. Our "Bug Sweep" team can ensure your exhibit space, meeting rooms, or hotel suite is clean and safe of hidden microphones, video cameras and tape recorders. We are trained and licensed to provide these services.

Research Electronic International REI - ANDRE Near Field Detector. Used for detecting RF signals

Bug Sweeps

Electronic Eavesdropping Detection

Making the deal is the beginning, keeping the deal is the hard part. One of the most valuable commodities any person or organization has is it's proprietary information.

GBI agents are trained by R.E.I., to the same specifications and employs the same techniques used by government. We use state of the art equipment, the OSCOR by REI, a spectrum analyzer, as well as much much more.

The cost of training and equipment are significant, approximately $80 - $100,000. Our FEES are competitive and reasonable. Call our offices for a comprehensive quote.

A large conference room typical of a safe room serviced area

Safe Room Service


1) NO meeting is safe from commercial espionage unless the radio frequencies spectrum (RFS) around the meeting room or rooms are monitored during meetings.

2) Most sweep services only sweep meeting rooms for eavesdropping devices prior to a meeting or meetings. a) Eavesdropping devices can be deployed after a sweep; before and during meetings.
b) Eavesdropping devices can be switched on and off remotely during a meeting.

3) The only way to protect important meetings is by using Real-Time-Live R.F. Spectrum Analysis just prior too and during your conference meetings.

We provide a Safe Room Service, where we come in just prior to your meeting, set up our equipment, both Spectrum Analyzers and Acoustic Noise Generators, to ensure no information is leaked or broadcasted. We've completed hundreds of sweeps and briefed thousands of personnel and can come to your place of business, perform a vulnerability analysis, and professionally brief your employees, educating your staff about what to look for and how to respond. Information theft is a booming business and cannot only destabilize your business, but your personal life as well. Knowledge is not only power, it's information.