About GBI - Glen Bass Investigations

Professional and Confidential

The team at Glen Bass Investigations (GBI) is comprised of seasoned professionals from a broad scope of disciplines. As a full service, licensed private detective agency our investigators are ready to take your case.

Glen A. Bass

Glen Bass - Advanced Technology Specialist


Glen is a veteran private investigator and security specialist. From an early age Glen worked at his fathers engineering firm as a forensic investigator identifying failures in machinery that have led to non-compliance, injury or death.

In the years since, Glen owned and operated a process service and skip tracing company prior to attending St. Cloud State University where he majored in Political Science. In 2002 Glen moved to Las Vegas where he has specialized in Surveillance, Counter-Surveillance, Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (TSCM) and is a certified Counter Terrorism Instructor, Counter Skyjacking Instructor, Pistol Fundementals Instructor and is certified in tactical medical response.

Following 9/11 Glen worked on communcations projects for Homeland Security in New York City and responded with FEMA to Hurricane Ike recovery efforts. Glen holds over 40 FEMA Certifications for managing disaster recovery efforts and the regulations that apply.

Jon Devary

Jon DeVary - Surveillance and SIU Specialist


Jon brings 30 years Surveillance and Investigative experience to the team. Jon has the passion and experience to work surveillance and investigation cases while enjoying the role of quality control of Investigative operations. Experienced all venues of Investigation, Jon has produced cases he developed through investigation to reach the United States Supreme Court. His experience of client needs and the street smarts of years of experience ensures our clients results obtained.

Anthony Jones   

Maj. Anthony Jones - Decorated Air Force Veteran and Tactical Operations Specialist


Anthony Jones is a businessman, author and retired Major in the United States Air Force. His dedication to duty and military experience has seen him travel the globe, where he was twice wounded in action, receiving two Purple Hearts.

As a civilian, Mr. Jones was one of the opening managers at the Foundation Room, atop Mandalay Bay, and is networked extensively throughout Las Vegas, having handled top CEO's, Celebrities and High Net worth Individuals. For over two years he traveled the corporate world working for a Forbes top 20 Billionaire, providing personal protection and corporate counter eavesdropping sweeps. After 9/11, Tony deployed to Iraq, and now continues serving by providing security here at home.

Major Jones has recently published his first book "BRAIN PAIN." Brain Pain is a raw and honest account of what it means to serve in the military and make a sacrifice, which demands a lifelong price. It is a book which is a 'must read' for anyone who wants to know what service and sacrifice really are, and is a striking picture of what life with a traumatic brain injury (Brain Pain) is like. For while the physical scars may heal in time and leave no lasting effects, the mental scars are ever present and lie much deeper. You can get it on Amazon Books and Kindle Direct.