Investigative Services

The team at Glen Bass Investigations (GBI) is comprised of seasoned professionals from a broad scope of disciplines. As a full service, licensed private detective agency our investigators are ready to take your case.
Silhouette of a guard with binoculars - Surveillance and Insurance Fraud

Surveillance and Insurance Fraud

The law considers it fraud to claim a nonexistent injury or exaggerate the extent of an injury or scope of a claim.

Observation by surveillance, which requires watching the subject's movements, activity and interactions and is a valuable tool in exposing fraud. The best way to catch someone in the act of conducting insurance fraud is to use surveillance.

Hiring a private investigator to conduct surveillance is the proven option for many reasons. We conduct surveillance for civil cases in Minnesota and Nevada.

Our investigators are:

  • Licensed, insured and very familiar with the laws applicable to surveillance techniques.
  • Frequently work with police which assists in completing a safe surveillance operation.
  • Regularly trained to use the most advanced surveillance equipment.
  • Professionals with decades of experience in testifying in court.
A Smith Chart - which is one way of visualizing the results from an RF Sweep

Counter Surveillance and TSCM

One of the most valuable commodities an organization has is it's proprietary information. Yet, many companies and organizations do very little to protect this investment. Our "Bug Sweep" team can ensure your exhibit space, meeting rooms, or hotel suite is clean and safe of hidden microphones, video cameras and tape recorders. We are trained and licensed to provide these services.

A biohazard symbol on a yellow background

Environmental Investigations

Glen Bass Investigations has developed specialized, proprietary software and mobile analytical equipment that rapidly and precisely detects contaminants in water.

GBI uses aggregated data to identify potential sources for a contaminant by discovering those industrial, municipal and commercial sites that are regulated for the contaminant in question.

Art Deco Line drawing of a building on a yellow background

Corporate Investigations

GBI is your partner for a wide range of corporate investigations.

  • Corporate Espionage
  • Workplace Violence Investigations
  • Fraud / Workplace Theft Investigations
  • Harassment Investigations
  • Substance Abuse Investigations
  • Penetration Testing
  • Intellectual Property Investigations

Our corporate investigators acedemically qualified and possess the talent and skills to seamlessly integrate with a corporate environment. If you have concerns for which you need answers or better clarity, contact us today to discuss your needs.

A maginfying glass centered on a group of three people - Background Investigations

Background Investigations

Several situations can lead to background investigation and those investigations can take many forms.

  • Pre-Employment Background Checks
  • Executive Background Screening
  • Due Diligence
  • Background Investigations
  • Asset Investigation
  • Personal Location and Notification Services

As a full-service investigation firm, we ascribe to the highest industry standards and provide a wide scope of options for background investigations.

A film reel on a yellow background - Entertainment Investigations

Entertainment Investigations

Production of a property requires many moving parts; from talent and set safety concerns to ensuring union rules compliance and running a cost efficient ship.

Our team is qualified and experienced in finding vulnerabilities such as employee mis-conduct or failure to make safety considerations and liabilities such as abuse, discrimination and union rule violations.

If you have concerns that compell you to get a second set of eyes upon, GBI investigators possess the talents and skills to seamlessly integrate with a production and its operations.