Surveillance and Insurance Fraud Investigations

Glen Bass Investigations (GBI) is a private investigation company providing comprehensive, professional investigation services in Minnesota.

Our team has over 30 years experience in claim investigations and a proven reputation in the industry. GBI investigators are highly educated, experienced and are seasoned in legal process, litigation support, advanced technology tools, database mastery and case management.

Silhouette of a guard with binoculars - Surveillance and Insurance Fraud

Surveillance and Insurance Fraud

  • Disappearance
  • Contestable Investigations
  • Homicide/Suicide
  • Verifications
  • Public/Medical Records
  • Fraudulent Claims
  • Surveillance
  • Background History
  • Interviews/Statements
  • Evidence Documentation

Several members of the team including Glen Bass and Tony Jones train military, law enforcement and select civilian professions from around the world in surveillance, active counter-surveillance and Technical Surveillance Countermeasures TSCM. Due to our teams' continual training we are trained and able to employ and defend against the highest technology surveillance equipment and techniques

GBI investigators are:

  • Licensed, insured and very familiar with the laws applicable to surveillance techniques.
  • Frequently work with police which assists in completing a safe surveillance operation.
  • Regularly trained to use the most advanced surveillance equipment.
  • Professionals with decades of experience in testifying in court.

A Smith Chart - which is one way of visualizing the results from an RF Sweep

Counter Surveillance and TSCM

One of the most valuable commodities an organization has is it's proprietary information. Yet, many companies and organizations do very little to protect this investment.

Our "Bug Sweep" team can ensure your home, business, vehicles, exhibit space, meeting rooms or hotel suite is clean and safe of hidden microphones, video cameras and tape recorders.

GBI agents are trained by R.E.I., to the same specifications and employs the same techniques used by government. We use state of the art equipment, the OSCOR by REI, a spectrum analyzer, as well as much much more.

The cost of training and equipment are significant, approximately $80 - $100,000. Our FEES are competitive and reasonable.

We are trained and licensed to provide these services. Call our offices for a comprehensive quote