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A magnifying glass centered on a group of three people - Background Investigations

Background Investigations

Glen Bass Investigations provide a broad scope of background investigations that can vary depending upon each person's personal history and often affects the number of resources needed to complete the investigation.

  • Pre-Employment Background Checks
  • Background Investigations
  • Personal Location and Notification
  • Asset Investigation
  • Civil and Criminal Background
  • Due Diligence
  • Executive Background Screening
Silhouette of a guard with binoculars - Surveillance and Insurance Fraud

Surveillance and Insurance Fraud

Glen Bass Investigations are licensed Minnesota Private Investigators

Our team has over 30 years experience in claim investigations and a proven reputation in the industry. Our investigators are highly educated, experienced and are seasoned in legal process, litigation support, advanced technology tools, database mastery and case management.

A Smith Chart - which is one way of visualizing the results from an RF Sweep

Advanced Technology Investigations

Glen Bass Investigations specializes in the application of Advanced Technology to discover, analyze, defend and protect our clients from technology-based security threats.

  • Bug Sweeps ~ TSCM
  • Environmental Contamination
  • Agricultural Stray Voltage
  • Electrical Resistivity Mapping
What is Advanced Technology Investigations?

As a Minnesota Private Investigator, Glen is naturally an advocate for clean water, air and soil.

Glen Bass Investigations (GBI) has developed specialized anaytical equipment and an aggregated regulatory database system that allows GBI investigators to identify contamination in real time. We use aggregated data to identify potential sources for a contaminant by discovering those industrial, municipal and commercial sites that are regulated for the contaminant in question. Based on our regulatory research, we then deploy teams to use compact spectrometry to obtain real-time analysis and collect samples for laboratory testing.

In Agriculture, Stray Voltage (Microshock) presents a significant risk to livestock on several levels. GBI uses specially designed sensor arrays to identify, quantify and locate the sources of Stray Voltage or Microshock

Investgative Team

Professional and Confidential

We employ a wide spectrum of investigative skills and state of the art surveillance equipment and technology, psychological techniques, creative profiling methods, allowing ethical investigative strategies to acquire photographic, videotape, computer evidence to establish what's happened.

Glen Bass

Glen Bass

Jon DeVary

Jon DeVary

Maj. Anthony Jones

Anthony Jones

Environmental Contamination Investigations

Source Identification and Contributor Compliance

A biohazard symbol on a yellow background

Contamination source location is critical to mitigating continued environmental pollution. Our specialized database acts as a "Regulatory Interpreter" that makes it easy to locate potential sites within a region that are regulated for a specific contaminant. Investigators use this to narrow down investigations to specific sites that may be the source. Similarly, these functions can be applied to regulated industry when researching potential contaminant contributors.

Stray Voltage Investigations

Detecting and Identifying Stray Voltage

Electrical Hazard Symbol - GBI uses a specialized investigative technique to detect stray voltage

Stray Voltage is a well documented and costly problem that can destroy dairy farmers and other livestock operators. Stray voltage can be caused by the Electrical Utility, Farm Wiring or by Defective Equipment.
We have the expertise and analytical tools to pinpoint the cause and eliminate stray voltage from farms having a problem. Stray Voltage is a technically complex problem that requires good engineering to eliminate and prevent recurrence.