Background Investigations

Several situations can lead to background investigation and those investigations can take many forms. As a full-service investigation firm, Glen Bass Investigations (GBI) ascribes to the highest industry standards and provide a wide scope of options for background investigations.

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Background Check

Our background check services utilize ethical and lawful data aggregation techniques, open-source data, proprietary databases and information developed through human intelligence to develop a profile of individuals to protect our clients interests.

Pre-Employment Background Investigation

Employees are the lifeblood and the face of companies both large and small. From protecting trade secrets to creating a safe workplace environment, employers must exercise care that often extends beyond the content of a resume or personal references. Bass Investigations will provide in-depth intelligence while remaining quiet and unseen.

GBI provides comprehensive background reporting, investigative analysis and a detailed breakdown that gives our clients an easy to understand profile for efficient review and decision making.

Executive Screening

Is your organization expanding, bringing on partners or promoting from within? The key to successful executive management and workforce performance is sound intelligence and due diligence. Quality information about prospective executive candidates reduces the potential risks of bringing in a new decision maker.

GBI will will produce a comprehensive profile of your executive candidates background.

Due Diligence Investigation

Investing in companies and products today can be extremely confusing. Internet technology continually evolves as does its vocabulary and the products it delivers. Avoid being bamboozled into an unwise investment. Bass Investigations will research start-ups, founders, partners and technology claims. We provide reports that will examine personal and corporate assets, litigation history, patent claims and credit worthiness

Personal Location and Notification Searches

Are you unable to locate a person? Although it is not easy to fall off the grid, some are able to do it. Whether it be a case where it is unintentional, such as in cases of homelessness and abduction or on purpose to avoid financial or criminal responsibility.

GBI will find parties for notifications of illness, estate matters and next of kin.

Civil and Criminal Background Investigation

A thorough civil or criminal background investigation reveals information more detailed and specific than standardized sources for basic background research. A GBI investigation is more detailed and specific. In addition to criminal records searches we build a profile based upon activity and conduct in civil litigation, existence of any protective orders, liens, outstanding judgements and a party's condition for potential compromise.

Asset Investigation

Winning a case and collecting the judgement are often two different things. The victory can be very empowering however, obtaining remedy can consume more time and money than litigation. Glen Bass Investigations will find the hidden assets of a debtor, quickly and efficiently.