Corporate Investigations

Glen Bass Investigations (GBI) is your partner for a wide range of corporate investigations.

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Corporate Espionage

An organizations ability to protect its assets such as: Software and algorythms, designs, formulas, recipes, customer lists, etc... are a corporations competitive advantage and may lie at the heart of its ultimate survival.
Corporate espionage is an unfortunate reality for companies with ground breaking products, processes and people. A successful business model can be copied very quickly however, often it is the people and the products that give that model value. Protect your companies valuable assets, GBI can place qualified operatives who are experienced at detecting malicious activity.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

As a licensed Minnesota Private Investigator we provide Technical Surveillance Countermeasures or TSCM, colloquially referred to as "Bug Sweeps". We are Certified Specialists in the detection and location of eavesdropping devices. Our product is privacy assurance and protection. Our Team is trained to the same specifications and utilizes the same equipment and techniques used by federal government. We use the state of the art OSCOR, an R.F. Spectrum Analyzer, as well as F.L.I.R., telephone and network analyzers.

Information Systems Penetration Testing

A penetration test, or "pentest"", is a software attack on a computer system that looks for security weaknesses, potentially gaining access to the computer's features and data. Our Pen Testing specialists are certified at the highest level and will consult with your IT and Corporate Security Staff to determine the most appropriate path to address your IT security concerns.

Red Team Operations

Test your site security with our team of DOD trained specialists that will conduct an in-depth site security review and work with GBI clients to stress those preparations.

Workplace Violence Investigations

When workplace harassment, threats, violence, coercion and the use of weapons occur, all employees are affected by its toxic presence.

Fraud / Workplace Theft Investigations

US Businesses lose 50 Billion Dollars per year to employee theft and its been calculated that 7% of annual revenues are lost to theft or fraud. Our team employs technology to reveal threats facing your company's bottom line.

Sexual, Racial, Age or Other Harassment Investigations

Harassment and allegations of harassment require prompt and effective action. A thorough investigation can establish the events and conditions leading to the allegations, which steps were taken to remedy the situation and what changes have been made to mitigate the potential for future allegations.

Substance Abuse Investigations

Workplace substance abuse affects productivity and leads to exposure to liability from accidents causing injury or death. Our team can root out workplace substance use, abuse and sale within your company.

Undercover Workplace Investigations

Bass Investigations offers full immersion workplace investigations. Our team will insert qualified investigators into your corporate and production facilities to determine if misconduct, dereliction of responsibility, safety violations or intentional malfeasance is occurring.

Intellectual Property Investigations

Intellectual Property is a complicated field that requires professionals with specific skills. Our team specializes in technology, software and patent theft. We apply a fully scoped investigation model that examines product design, code structure, electronic communications, stakeholder activity and asset discovery.

Other Corporate Investigations

Expert witness testimony is available to support our investigations. Due to the high technology nature of our investigations we maintain experts in Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Hydrology, IT Security, Regulatory Compliance, Litigation Support and Law Enforcement.